Carolina in My Mind

Have you heard the news?


The Balhoffs are moving back to North Carolina in 2014!


It’s really happening: both of our jobs are in NC, the kiddos are registered to start preschool in August, and, as of tonight, our Baton Rouge house is under contract to sell in June!


Our attempt to buy a Cary house in an auction last week did not work out like we hoped, so we’re not sure exactly where in the Raleigh/Durham area we will live. We’re working on that.


Won’t these pics be priceless if Patrick goes to UNC (Jim’s employer), and Claire goes to NC State (my alma mater), and Edward goes to Duke (Jim’s alma mater)?!


We have a lot more to pack, tons of details to sort out, and a long trip to make the move. But we can’t wait to be settled for “Carolina in the Fall”…

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