Junior Geologist

Today I would like to feature a guest post by my favorite Junior Geologist, Patrick. The text that follows in italics are his words. He will describe the fun project we completed while the twins were napping one day.

Patrick and the rock collection

I like to collect these: shells, rocks, and minerals. They are from my great-grandfather and my grandmother.

Patrick and the rock collection

One day I brought a small box with a lot of minerals and rocks in it to school. I wanted my friends to see the rest of my collection, so Mom and I made a poster at home to bring to school for show-and-share.

Patrick and the rock collectionWe made a rainbow out of colorful rocks, shells, and minerals. We took some pictures of the collection. Next I wanted to sort out white and clear.

Patrick and the rock collection

I sorted out animals. Then I sorted out rocks and minerals.

Patrick and the rock collection

I made a shelf that was all animals.

Patrick and the rock collection

 I glued pictures on poster paper. I labeled each picture. 

Patrick with his rock posterNow it’s me again! I loved following Patrick’s interest to work on this project. It makes me smile that he wants to share his passion with his classmates. Many thanks to Honey and my grandpa Buddy for the amazing collection. It brings us joy to curate it.

Patrick and the rock collection

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2 Responses to Junior Geologist

  1. Bill Monroe says:


    YOU are an AWESOME MOM!

  2. Anna Lee Higgins says:

    My Goodness!  What collections!  Patrick is a lucky boy and you are one fantastic mother! Anna Lee Higgins

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