Real Food Pledge: Day 5

Thursday was the first time I went out to eat during the Real Food Pledge, and I accidentally made it more challenging than necessary. I had lunch at the wonderful Worth It Cafe in the shopping center at the corner of Alexander and S. Miami in RTP/Durham. I wasn’t familiar with their menu; I just knew they served “Farm Fresh ~ Chef Created ~ Daily Lunch Specials”. I didn’t know their meat is from local, pasture-based farms and they have whole-grain bread from Neomonde. So I ordered a green salad with their balsamic vinaigrette (after I verified it contains no sugar) and fruit salad. Very fresh, light, and tasty. But I should’ve had a sandwich!

Farm Fresh ~ Chef Created ~ Daily Lunch Specials ~ Hey you're worth it!

I met the owners, Chuck and Aileen Hayworth, after lunch and found out their food philosophy fits really well with the Real Food Pledge. I can’t wait to go back! They offer a few deals almost every day on Groupon Now. PLUS they agreed to sponsor a give-away on my blog. You might get a chance to check out Worth It Cafe with this $5 gift certificate! Read on for details…


I’ll try to make this quick so we can get back to the give-away…

Patrick demanded drinkable apple sauce for his snack. I save those for times that we’re on the geaux, but apple sauce in a bowl was NOT what he wanted. Then I put a straw in it! How’s that for drinkable apple sauce?! The novelty did its magic, and he had fun drinking it:

"Drinkable" apple sauce

I made yogurt with fresh strawberries and unsweetened, plain yogurt. I love the immersion blender my parents gave me for my birthday this year:

Strawberry yogurt

Patrick didn’t think it was sweet enough compared to YoBaby (which has more sugar than fruit), so he stuck with his applesauce through a straw. Topped with my homemade granola, it was the perfect afternoon snack for me:

Yogurt with fresh strawberries and homemade granola

The Coon Rock Farm chicken I baked the night before provided enough left-over meat to make another dinner: whole-wheat penne with fresh herb cream sauce.

Cream sauce

I found an easy recipe for cream sauce that matched my ingredients, and snipped a few fresh herbs from the Smiths’ garden. (My mother’s day herbs died indirectly as a result of hurricane Irene since I left them in the garage for weeks after the storm.)

Whole-wheat penne and fresh herbs

Fresh herbs make this sauce smell SO good. Thanks, Smiths!

Mmm.. fresh herb cream sauce

Add a side of grapes, and dinner is served! Both of my boys had a second helping. I’d say this was a hit:

Whole-wheat pasta with local chicken and herb cream sauce. And grapes.

And now something healthy for you! I’m going to randomly select a reader to win the $5 gift certificate from Worth It Cafe in RTP on Monday night, Oct 10, at 9pm-eastern. To enter the drawing, check out the Worth It Cafe menu and leave me a comment on this blog post about something you would like to order. Comment by 8pm-eastern Monday. Good luck!

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13 Responses to Real Food Pledge: Day 5

  1. Pops says:

    Sounds great! Put my name in the hat.

  2. Erin Lavin says:

    Fun contest! I would like to order the tuna burger with roasted red peppers and yogurt sauce – that sounds delicious. 🙂

  3. Linn says:

    I never knew that restaurant was there! Have to go! I would have a hard time deciding, but the Cuban panini and the Hoppin’ John stuffwich sound wonderful! And I would have to order sweet potato fries because I can never say no to them…

  4. Simon Archer says:

    I love the Worth It Cafe. Its food is healthy and tasty, imagine!

  5. Betsy says:

    Hey Kristen! I’ve caught up on your blog a few times… so cool! I love how you’re blogging about your experience, and the pictures are great (especially when your adorable helper is in them). I have been to Worth It Cafe, it is yummy. I’d get the Balsamic Chicken & Artichoke Sandwich. 🙂

  6. Simon Archer says:

    Seeing your photos, and particularly the ones of ingredients, reminds me of the wonderful Penzey’s Spices in Cameron Village. It’s a beautiful store and I recommend that you pay it a visit. The only challenge is their horrible opening hours, especially if you work outside of the home.

    Penzey’s Spices (
    2038 Clark Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27605

    Monday to Saturday: 10-6pm
    Sunday:11-5 pm

  7. Susy says:

    The Fried Green Tomato sandwich is my fav.

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