Really Big News

This is a post full of big news, and it all started with a single photo. Let me show you the photo that changed everything for our little North Carolina family.

The Big Brother

Excited to become a big brother

Patrick’s going to be a BIG BROTHER! We’re thrilled to announce that we are adding on to the family at the end of the year. Patrick will be three years old (or close) when he becomes a big brother, and he loves to hear a story about it every night at bedtime. This photo of Patrick in his new tshirt is not the photo that changed everything. (Although I do think he is adorable!)

House in BRLA

House we’re buying in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We’re moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! We are under contract to buy the house in the picture above. Once everything goes as planned, we’ll be settled into our new home in August. We are very sad to leave all of our friends and our wonderful life in North Carolina, but we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to move both of our jobs to be closer to our families and hometown friends. (By the way… anyone want to buy a house in Morrisville, NC, in a few weeks?!) After thirteen wonderful years in North Carolina, that photo is also really big news, but it’s not the photo you’ve been waiting for.

THIS is this biggest news of all…


We’re having TWINS!

It’s the most amazing ultrasound picture I’ve ever seen. Of course I’m biased, because it’s MY ultrasound picture. But really… it is incredible. As you can see, we are expecting TWINS! What a wonderful surprise! We’re having *two babies* sometime around mid-December. We are thrilled! Overwhelmed… but also thrilled that we get to meet two more awesome people like their big brother Patrick.

Twin pregnancy. This changes everything 😉

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7 Responses to Really Big News

  1. Suzanne Williams says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of good news! Congratulations on all of it, especially the babies!!

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