Patrick names the twins

Patrick is excited about becoming a big brother to twins. He talks about “two babies” often and likes to tell everyone the big news. Since we won’t know the babies’ sexes until August, we like to make guesses and talk about what they might be. After hanging out with a friend who is going to have a baby sister soon, he decided that the babies are two girls. He even came up with two girl names. His ideas were so sweet! I recorded a video of his girl names and put him on the spot to come up with boy names too. It’s good to cover all the bases.

These aren’t necessarily our names for the babies, but I love to see how he thinks:

To explain how sweet his name choices are, you need to know who Mia, Linn, Alex, and Jacob are.

Mia has been one of Patrick’s playdate buddies since he was about four or five months old. Mia’s mom, Melanie, and I went to the same high school in Baton Rouge and ended up together as friends in NC with babies close to the same age! Patrick and I did Salsa Babies, Signs of Learning sign language class, and library singing class with Mia and Mel. Beginning in September ’11, Patrick and Mia were also in preschool together two days a week. We heard from the teachers that they sat together at lunch every day! They play well together, and our families get together often for dinner and to share holidays. Look how adorable these two are, from early 2010 to recently:

Patrick and MiaPatrick and MiaPatrick and Mia

Patrick and I were fortunate to meet Linn when Patrick was about 13-months old and qualified for an incredible research project at UNC, the Early Development Project. In the six-month early intervention treatment study, skilled therapists assist parents in recognizing pivotal milestones and processes in their infant, and then coach parents on responsive techniques to promote optimal development. Linn is an occupational therapist who came over twice a week then once a week for several months, working and playing with Patrick while teaching me invaluable skills. I remember from our first session that Patrick was immediately enthralled by Linn. He LOVES playing with her! She gets his sense of humor, and she always invokes his best double-dimpled, gleeful smile. She and I became great friends too, so even after we completed the study, we knew we had to stay in touch with Linn. We still get together for playtime and family outings, and she’s at the top of Patrick’s list of favorite babysitters.

Patrick and Linn

Alex and Jacob are the “big” boys at Miss Lauren’s house. Patrick has been going to Lauren’s house two or three times a week since I went back to work part-time in January. It’s been the best part of me going back to work. Patrick spends a lot of time with her three wonderful sons, and I’m grateful that they are an outstanding influence on him. He has a blast with these boys. “Will-Will” (age 2) is definitely “Pa-Pa’s” buddy too, but older brothers Jacob (entering 2nd grade) and Alex (entering Kindergarten) are like older cousins to Patrick. He wants to do what they’re doing. They’re into Star Wars, and real (smaller-than-Duplo) Lego bricks, and football. We’ve even watched them play T-ball a couple of times, so Patrick wants to play when he gets older. They are really sweet to Patrick, and I think Patrick has adopted them as extra family.

Patrick and the Higdons

Patrick and the Higdons

Since he wants to name his twin siblings after Mia, Linn, Alex, and Jacob, those four are obviously *very important* people in his life. I think it’s very sweet and special, and I’m so glad I asked him what he would like to name the babies.

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