Twins: Revealed

Jim and I had our 17-week anatomy scan for the twins today. We were thrilled to see two healthy babies! We’ve been counting down to today, waiting to find out the sexes of twins. The timing is perfect… my parents arrived at the airport this afternoon to help us pack for the move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, next week. I loved telling them *in person* about their grandbaby twins.

Here’s a video of Patrick and me finding Honey and Pops at the airport to tell them about the twins. The video is shaky and not always on-target, but it captures their emotion and excitement. It will be great to show to the twins someday.

One boy + one girl. The twins are exactly what I hoped! As soon as I heard they were twins, I imagined us with another awesome son and a precious daughter. Patrick will be a wonderful brother to his little brother and sister.

Honey and Pops are thrilled that we are expecting a girl and a boy. We made quite a scene walking through the airport, decorated in pink and blue.

I’m going to bed tonight feeling grateful for two healthy babies and feeling lucky for the perfect combination of one boy and one girl. As my tennis-playing brother put it, we scored with a team of “mixed doubles”!

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8 Responses to Twins: Revealed

  1. dianne thompson says:

    Oh, the video is beyond precious! Uncle Pops is most especially endearing. I cried.


  2. Belinda Langner says:


  3. Anna Lee Higgins says:

    Kristin, you are so darned creative with the pink and blue balloons and leis as your way of announcing to your parents that they will have boy/girl grandchildren. This video was adorable and so touching….yes, I cried sharing the joy!

  4. Sarah Patout Teague says:

    Kristen, I’m so happy for y’all. The video brough happy tears to my eyes. So wonderful. Enjoy every minute.

  5. txgardengirl says:

    So excited for you! Congratulations on getting one of each. I hope you are having a wonderful pregnancy and enjoying all the craziness. Good luck with the move!

  6. Mary says:

    This is SO awesome, Kristin! I love that you videoed the news to your parents. Love their reactions. Your dad’s laugh is heart-warming. So happy for you!!

  7. Craig says:

    Awesome video. So happy for y’all. Thanks for sharing

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