2-week-old twin portrait

I have a new appreciation for professional photographers who take adorable photos of twin newborns together. It was trickier than I expected. Before I started, I assumed I could get pics of one twin, pics of the twins together, then pics of the other twin. It took so much longer than I expected that I lost the natural light from the window, couldn’t keep the babies asleep, and ran out of time once our 3-hour feeding schedule started over. I was also using Patrick’s bedroom as my “studio”, and he needed it to take his nap. The result was that I had a very short window to try to capture them together. According to the image timestamps, they were together, still, and quiet from 3:23:17 – 3:24:12 pm. That wasn’t much time!

I would have liked to adjust them more, but here’s what I got of my precious babies for their 2-week-old twin “portrait”. Claire is on the left and Edward’s on the right:

Claire & Edward, 2 weeks old

I was able to get several cute shots of Edward before I tried to get them both together:


After taking one photo of them together, I tried to take pictures of Claire. She was not sleepy, so I couldn’t take what I had in mind yet. Here she is… half awake:

Claire, 2 weeks old

Of course big brother Patrick didn’t want to miss all of the fun! Here he is with little brother Edward:

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