The Twins: 6 months old

Claire and Edward are six months old today.

They are *precious* and more interactive every day. I love to see their smiles when they see me for the first time in the morning, and while they watch the hand motions to “itsy-bitsy spider”, and when I pepper their cheeks with kisses. They each have the cutest laugh.

The twins sleep eleven hours each night, like to play with Continue reading

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1 year ago: BOGO

* One year ago refers to June 1, 2012*

One year ago today, I went to my first prenatal visit for my second pregnancy. Although Jim and I tried to coordinate our schedules and go to the appointment together, he wasn’t able to attend the doctor visit with me. I was 8 weeks into my pregnancy, and it wasn’t our first baby, so it didn’t seem like a big deal that Jim wouldn’t be with me. I had been feeling really sick, which I took as a possible indication of a healthy pregnancy. After we unsuccessfully tried to align our schedules, we decided Jim would just go to the next appointment in lieu of this initial one.

One year ago today, I was excited that it was now routine at my doctor’s office to have an ultrasound at 8 weeks to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I love my doctor, she delivered Patrick, and this memory would not be the same had I not shared the experience with her. (Remember I was there by myself without Jim.) I will never forget what was displayed for me on the screen during that ultrasound. It went something like this: my doc showed me a tiny blip on the screen. There’s my sweet baby! And then she continued the scan to show me Continue reading

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The Twins: 2 months old


Claire and Edward are two months old today.

We’ve got a nice routine these days. The twins eat every three hours during the day, and at night they sleep longer. Our nights are better than they used to be with tiny newborns. It also helps that Edward will finally take a pacifier. Claire and Edward usually eat for the last feeding of the day at 9 or 10 pm. Five hours later they wake up at 2 or 3 am. At 2 months, they are getting better about going back to sleep quicker in the middle of the night. Usually. Then they wake up about four hours later at 6 or 7 am.


I keep the twins on the same schedule as each other. Whoever wakes up first in the morning determines the timing for all three of us. When one baby eats, I make sure
that the other Continue reading

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Eight cousins

Tonight at a family Super Bowl party was the first time that all of the immediate Balhoff cousins have been together since the twins were born. The girls were very interested in the twins… especially in Claire.

So the girls were happy to sit together for a few photos.

Each one wanted a chance to Continue reading

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Twin comic caption contest

Caption contest! Ready… set… go:


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Attempting a 5-week portrait

I’ve decided that the timing has to be just right to photograph twins together.

Claire, Edward, and I have a pretty packed schedule right now. I’m feeding them separately, administering medicine, pumping, and sterilizing bottles every 3 hours while we’re trying to get rid of thrush. In the few “free” minutes between cycles, I’ve yet to get the timing right to photograph two happy babies. Every picture I try to take of them together has either one or both crying. Awe… look at the unhappiness:

It works a little better to give Edward a chance to relax:

And to give Claire Continue reading

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Our twins’ birth


My pregnancy with the twins was relatively uncomplicated. We managed to avoid some high-risk hassles like gestational diabetes, bed rest, preterm labor, etc. I experienced (double?) my share of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, but the twins were perfectly content and healthy throughout the pregnancy. They seemed in no rush to join the rest of us. At 37.5 weeks it was time to intervene and introduce them to the world.1220_03

Edward was breech, so we scheduled a c-section. I asked if the date could be pushed out a few days from Dec 17 (37 weeks gestation) to be Continue reading

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