2-week-old twin portrait

I have a new appreciation for professional photographers who take adorable photos of twin newborns together. It was trickier than I expected. Before I started, I assumed I could get pics of one twin, pics of the twins together, then pics of the other twin. It took so much longer than I expected that I lost the natural light from the window, couldn’t keep the babies asleep, and ran out of time once our 3-hour feeding schedule started over. I was also using Patrick’s bedroom as my “studio”, and he needed it to take his nap. The result was that I had a very short window to try to capture them together. According to the image timestamps, they were together, still, and quiet from 3:23:17 – 3:24:12 pm. That wasn’t much time!

I would have liked to adjust them more, but here’s what I got of my precious babies for their 2-week-old twin “portrait”. Claire is on the left and Edward’s on the right:

Claire & Edward, 2 weeks old

I was able to get several cute shots of Edward before Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the Balhoffs

This morning under my tree, I found exactly what I never knew I always wanted.

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Home for the holidays

Santa and two tiny elves were seen leaving Woman’s Hospital tonight…


Just in time to be home for the holidays! DSC_5881

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Twins meet their big brother

Our twins were born yesterday, and it was amazing to finally meet our two beautiful, healthy babies. (More photos and details coming soon.) There are many perfect moments to remember from their birthday yesterday, but this morning might have been my favorite part of welcoming the twins to our family. That’s because Patrick got to meet his new baby sister and baby brother this morning!

From the moment Patrick saw the twins, he was in awe. He was literally speechless. He couldn’t stop smiling at them, smiling at us, and smiling back at them.

He loved looking at their faces, holding their Continue reading

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Our growing family

First we were just two…

Then Patrick made us three…

And now…

37-weeks pregnant with twins

… to be continued…



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Happy 3rd Birthday, Patrick!

Patrick is 3 years old! I love birthday parties, and we have been looking forward to this event for months. Really… Patrick has been asking for a “bug party” for his 3rd birthday since last spring. He loves insects; he loves to read about them, watch the movie MicroCosmos, and look at them at museums. We need to take our “junior entomologist” to the Insectarium in New Orleans once the twins and I are mobile enough to make a day of it. For now the big event was a Birthday Bug Safari! We invited family and hosted it at our house in an attempt to keep the party “small” with Patrick’s nine cousins.

bug invitation

The party was two weeks ago, ahead of his birthday, because I didn’t want the twins to make a surprise appearance. I’m glad we had the party when I was one day shy of 33 weeks pregnant instead of this weekend. I was much more capable and mobile just two weeks ago.


In the carport we set out tables, chairs, and everything for pizza lunch. I decorated with Continue reading

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Visiting the LSU Museum of Natural Science

Finally I’m “settled-in” enough after the move from NC to LA to take Patrick on fun adventures. Before this week, we’ve spent our mom-and-son time doing projects around the house, grocery shopping, furniture shopping, etc. With the exception of weekly story time at the library, we haven’t done a lot of fun toddler enrichment together. Until now! We loved our trip to the LSU Museum of Natural Science on Monday.

Monday was great for a stroll through LSU’s beautiful campus. Even for a pregnant space-heater like me, Baton Rouge’s weather finally felt comfortable. I enjoyed telling Patrick about his  Continue reading

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