1 year ago: BOGO

* One year ago refers to June 1, 2012*

One year ago today, I went to my first prenatal visit for my second pregnancy. Although Jim and I tried to coordinate our schedules and go to the appointment together, he wasn’t able to attend the doctor visit with me. I was 8 weeks into my pregnancy, and it wasn’t our first baby, so it didn’t seem like a big deal that Jim wouldn’t be with me. I had been feeling really sick, which I took as a possible indication of a healthy pregnancy. After we unsuccessfully tried to align our schedules, we decided Jim would just go to the next appointment in lieu of this initial one.

One year ago today, I was excited that it was now routine at my doctor’s office to have an ultrasound at 8 weeks to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I love my doctor, she delivered Patrick, and this memory would not be the same had I not shared the experience with her. (Remember I was there by myself without Jim.) I will never forget what was displayed for me on the screen during that ultrasound. It went something like this: my doc showed me a tiny blip on the screen. There’s my sweet baby! And then she continued the scan to show me… another tiny blip on the screen? Wait does that make two? We have two babies? We’re having twins?!

One year ago today, I asked my doctor to pinch me because I was sure I was dreaming. She laughed with me. When I insisted again that she pinch me, she pointed out that she didn’t have a free hand to pinch me. It was a surreal experience to discover that I was pregnant with two babies. My eyes were overflowing with happy tears. That’s about the time that I exclaimed, “And Jim’s not even here to see this!!” My doctor suggested that I simply send him a text of the ultrasound image and let him figure it out. She went about creating the perfect picture of my two babies.


My twins at 8 (LMP) weeks

One year ago today, Jim received an image of our twin ultrasound as a text while he was in a meeting. To me it seemed like it took him an eternity to reply. I couldn’t wait to hear his reaction. I wish I had taken a screenshot of our text chat. There are few moments in my life that compare to the significance of that unbelievable chat. Jim was dumbfounded. He took the afternoon off from work. And had a beer at lunch.

One year ago today, Jim and I proceeded to make a lot of really fun phone calls and visits to share the big news. I don’t think I stopped smiling all afternoon. Our friends and family already knew that I was pregnant. I think that made it even more wonderful to then share with them the joyous news that I was pregnant with twins. We made a LOT of calls. That’s all I remember doing all afternoon. We obviously made quite an impression on then 2.5-year-old Patrick. For weeks afterward, he walked around pretending to make calls to share the big news.

Hi. Are you there? Two babies. Thank you. I love you. Bye. Have a good one. 

One year ago today, we found out we were having two babies intead of one.

Best “By One – Get One” ever.

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  1. Belinda Langner says:

    This is super sweet! 🙂 And can I just say I love the onesies they’re wearing! Adorable

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