The Twins: 6 months old

Claire and Edward are six months old today.

They are *precious* and more interactive every day. I love to see their smiles when they see me for the first time in the morning, and while they watch the hand motions to “itsy-bitsy spider”, and when I pepper their cheeks with kisses. They each have the cutest laugh.

The twins sleep eleven hours each night, like to play with crinkly-plush toys and rattles, enjoy listening to books and songs, and have started to eat solid foods. They also like to play in our exersaucer, and they sit in bouncy seats to drink bottles. Since they’ve mostly outgrown small playmats, we spend a lot of time on a big blanket on the floor. It has to be a big quilt because Claire is always on the move. Edward’s content to stay in one place for now.

I do a ton of laundry. We get regular deliveries of diapers and formula. (I breastfed the twins for five months and one day. I know it was five months and one day because it didn’t go as smoothly as Patrick’s first year, and we had to make each day count!) Jim loads the five pieces of our twelve bottles into the dishwasher and we run it every night. Some days I have to run it twice. They both get a bath every night, and they’re pretty good about falling asleep on their own after listening to a couple of books.

Sometimes they both give me a very serious look… like in this next picture when I told them there is no cake for half-birthdays:

But then I’ll do something silly to lighten the mood and get to see their sweet smiles again. I LOVE twin baby smiles.

They notice one another more and reach out to touch each other. They absolutely adore their big brother. Everything he does and says is hilarious to the twins.

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1 Response to The Twins: 6 months old

  1. Parrish Smith says:

    Kristen, the babies are getting so big! They are precious and I love reading all about your cute family.


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